Partial Client List

  • Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd, LLP
  • Vans Shoes, Inc.
  • Stussy, Inc.
  • Serena & Lilly, Inc.
  • The Jenessee Center
  • UCLA Anderson School
  • YPO San Fernando
  • Barry’s Bootcamp, LLC
  • Global Wide Media, Inc.
  • US Debt Settlement, Inc.
  • Kashwere, Inc.
  • Juliana Roberts and Dean DeLeo
  • Sarah Firestone and Jeremy Milken
  • Tracy Silbert and Daniel Rappaport
  • Dana Gelb and Richard Pachulski
  • Beth Bornhurst and Jim Preminger
  • Brenda Julian and Tom Spezialy
  • Sue & David Viniar
  • Halle Berry
  • Lisa and Dustin Hoffman
  • Michelle Kholos and Max Brooks
  • Melisa Wallack and Bernie Goldmann
  • Kara Levy and Brad Slater
  • Emily Fox and Peter Scott
  • Marie Schwabe and Anthony LaMolinara
  • Socheat Lor and Craig Jones
  • Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney
  • Stacey Davis and Barry Levy
  • Shea Curry and Justin Levy
  • Britta Nicolaysen and Justyn Wilson
  • Athena Reynolds and Pat Perez
  • Rose Gray and Sunil Nayar
  • Angie Willis and Jon Platt
  • Kim Hughes and Pat Brisson

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