Lisa Gorjestani, owner, Details Event Planning, Santa Monica

“a bunch of questions”
Ask your florist these questions before choosing to work together.

from The Wedding Channel’s Wedding Bells Magazine, Winter 2005

Finding the perfect floral designer to turn your ideas into reality can be daunting. Without a plan, you can be blinded by beauty and distracted from details. These questions should help shed some light.

How many years have you been in business?
Can the florist deliver on time and on budget? Those who can, tend to stay in business.

Where do you draw your inspiration?
Hopefully, the answer will include things that you find inspiring as well.

Can I see your portfolio?
Everyone has his own style. Make sure it’s compatible with yours by looking at past work.

Do you have any other events booked on our wedding day?
Make sure the florist isn’t overbooked and ask how many weddings she’ll take on per day or weekend.

Can you work within any price range?
Look for someone who can work within both lavish and limited budgets, and still provide you with the style you want.

Can you suggest some ways to save money?
Get the most value for your money without over-compromising your ideas.

How will you incorporate my personality and interests into my flowers?
While your florist may be up on all the big trends, your wedding day is about you. The final result should reflect your personality.

How will the arrangements you’ve proposed complement our wedding?
If you decide to give your florist free rein in designing your flowers, make sure there is sound reasoning behind his choices.

What limitations will we face due to our wedding season?
Some florists will tell you there are no limits because flowers are flown in from all over the world. And while this may be true, you’ll have to pay more for flowers that are out of season.

Will you remove pollen and anything else that may damage garments?
An innocent brush with flowers can ruin an outfit – eliminate the risk.

What props can you suggest, or rent to us, that might add to our celebration?
Special vases, antique bowls and candle-holders can add a touch of drama and elegance to arrangements. If your florist can rent the pieces to you, more of your money can be put towards the actual flowers.

Lisa Gorjestani, Details Event Planning

insider’s tip

On incorporating a theme: “A theme should be subtle yet consistent. Once you select a theme, choose your colors and a motif that coordinate with it. For example, for a beach theme you might choose turquoise and sand for the color scheme, and a palm tree motif.”

— Lisa Gorjestani, owner, Details Event Planning, Santa Monica